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TB UK068 Discontinuation of Service & Support for Triton Version 3


As part of our continuous efforts to improve the service and products we provide to our customers, JCM takes great pride in the periodic updating and enhancement of our market leading postural management systems. Whenever an update is released this will supercede the previous model, although JCM are delighted to be able to continue offering support for the older model; assessments, reviews, refurbishment and spare parts.

However, it becomes increasingly difficult to manufacture and supply spare parts for an obsolete model as time passes. The Triton Version 3 was discontinued just over 5 years ago and spare parts are no longer available to support continued use of this model.

This does not mean that the Version 3 model should be discarded, merely that its continued use is at the discretion of the owner as JCM cannot continue to supply spare parts.

Moving forward all seating requirements can be perfectly met by the Version 4 model, and JCM are obviously happy to continue offering the highest standards of support in this regard.

If you have any older Triton models:

If there is any concern at all as to whether a Version 3,or indeed any JCM product is suitable to use, JCM are proud to announce its Product Advisory Service. If requested, a JCM representative will attend and formally inspect all JCM products required using an Inspection Checklist to highlight what, if any, aspects of the product need attention. All being well, the product is available to use with whatever parts/adjustments etc are required to ensure it matches the new user’s requirements. (NOTE: For a Version 3 additional parts are no longer available, but it may be that the existing configuration is suitable to be used at the prescriber‘s discretion.)

If the product fails the inspection for reasons that cannot be rectified then it is recommended for decommission and removal from the fleet. JCM recognises that this is a difficult time so is happy to announce a further initiative – the JCM Restock Saving Scheme whereby JCM will offer a 10% saving off any new product purchased if yours is no longer supported, has been discontinued or condemned.

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If you have any queries at all then please don’t hesitate to contact your local JCM Product Advisor.

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