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TB 0530 R-Net Advanced LCD Joystick


As powerchairs continue to develop and become more responsive for users to drive, it is vital that we offer control systems which are as intuitive and user friendly as our products. One year ago Curtis Wrights launched their new Advanced LCD joystick, since then we added this to our high end complex rehab chairs to understand how this performs for users in the field.

Since the launch of the Advanced LCD joystick on our chairs we have received large amounts of positive feedback which have focused on how user friendly the interface is.

Following from the success of the NEW Advanced LCD joystick we are pleased to announce that we will be trialing the new Advanced LCD Joystick as an option on all of our QUICKIE powerchairs.

With immediate effect, when choosing the LCD Joystick option on the order form you will be automatically upgraded to the new Advanced Joystick. Therefore all MND chairs will have Advanced LCD joystick as standard during this period.

Following a 3 month period and engagement with our customers we will evaluate if this option will replace the standard LCD joystick.

If you specifically require the standard LCD joystick please specify clearly on the order and the chair will be issued with one.

The only exceptions to this are listed as follows:
1. Powerchairs with switch boxes - This is due to incompatibility with the external switch box resistor specification change from the old LCD joystick to the new Advanced LCD joystick
2. Integrated tray controls – This is due to incompatibility in physical size with the Advanced LCD.

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