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TBUK065 Helium 2016 Generation Update


Subject of Bulletin: Changes to the Helium Order form

The Helium already uses market leading technologies, the 2016 update focuses on aesthetics and creates more choice around the colours and look of each chair. We have also implemented a new JAY back using a mono-tube design which gives a unique look and freedom to those interacting with their environments (no back posts to catch on).

The new Helium order form (dated 01.10.2016) includes the below options.

  • New JAY Freestyle back – available in aluminium (frame colour) or carbon. NOTE: Non crash tested option.
  • New 92o front frame – for a smaller footprint and sporty look.
  • New frame transfers – a floating dot style available in 5 different colours, for no cost.
  • New colour options – choose individual colours for all of the below at no additional cost:
  • Stickers
  • Castor forks
  • Castor wheels
  • Axle stem spacer
  • Floating dots
  • Backrest bracket

Lightweight wheels (available in anodised orange, blue & red)

As a result of these changes and the options that are now available through standard production the following order forms have now been discontinued:

  • Helium Black edition (most options available on the standard form)
  • Helium Colour edition (most options available on the standard form).

Of course there is still the possibility of customising these chairs further using our market leading Built for Me department.

Please refer to, or contact your area sales manager for more information

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Literature affected:

- Sunparts: Available from

- Order Forms: Updated and available via or Customer Services