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TB UK064 Improvements to GS Cushion


Subject of Bulletin:

In an ongoing effort to improve the design, functionality and performance of our JAY GS (Growth System) cushion, a series of improvements have been introduced with immediate effect. These include a new fluid pad option, new style labels, Velcro attachment configuration of accessories onto base foam,  new order form which utilises metric sizing and JAY SMART part numbers and a new GS accessory box.

Feature: New ‘balance’ Flow pad option

Designed to meet the pressure care needs of clients who also require high skin protection and aggressive lower limb positioning;

  • New “balance” pad is the same as the old Pressure Relief pad but under-filled by 60%
  • It offers the best compromise between more aggressive positioning and high skin protection
  • 3D construction of the fluid pad allows immersion and envelopment around bony prominences for greater pressure relief
  • Allows the user to ‘sit in’ the cushion rather than ‘on top’ when multiple positioning accessories are required

The old style ‘Standard’ and ‘Pressure relief’ pads are still available.  Prescribers can now choose one of 3 pads to meet user need.
When would I use the standard fill fluid pad?

  • 2D construction
  • Excellent for aggressive positioning of the user for whom pressure is less of an issue e.g. paediatric users

When would I use the Pressure relief pad?

  • 3D construction
  • Large amount of JAY fluid in each segment
  • Offers higher skin protection for those users at higher risk of skin breakdown who do not require leg positioning accessories

Feature: New style label

A new style logo and rubber labelling gives the JAY GS cushion a distinct, clearly identifiable and modern look.

Feature: New orientation of Velcro on base foam

The foam base now has the soft loop Velcro attached to it instead of the old hook style. 

  • Allows easier attachment and repositioning of the accessories as the user grows.  It is also more comfortable  for the user to sit on when less accessories are used. 

Feature: New option of oversized covers 

The new JAY GS now has an option of Oversized Incontinence or Microclimatic covers which readily accept 2 or 3” positioning accessories:

  • The Shower cap design of all JAY GS cushion covers allows pelvic and thigh positioning components to be added or removed as required
  • The oversized cover option is designed to accommodate the components without over-stretching or ‘hammocking’ the cover 

Feature: New JAY SMART ordering code

The JAY GS is ordered using a new Order Form and JAY Smart code (similar to the JAY Balance and JAY Xtreme Active cushions).

  • Metric measurements to more accurately match wheelchair width and depths   
  • More accurately meet user need by modularly constructing the cushion – both fluid pad and cover type
  • More easily identify the construction of the cushion

The cushions are ordered in metric sizes but these will be the same as those currently used.
E.g. JGSC2533SIEU = same as old JAY GS 10”x13”with standard fluid pad and incontinence cover
*** Please see the accompanying JAY GS Cushion Conversion Matrix to aid selection of like-for-like replacements
New order forms are available via customer Services or from our website at

Feature: Increased User Weight Limit 

In keeping with new cushions within the JAY cushion range, the maximum user weight has been increased to 150kg as standard. 

  • Provides an aggressive positioning cushion solution for heavier users over 18 stone (113kg).  

Feature: New JAY GS Accessory Box

A new style JAY GS Accessory box featuring the full range of JAY GS positioning accessories is available. 

  • Ideal for use at assessment to establish the exact positioning accessories required for optimal pelvic and lower limb support   

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