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TB UK061 2015 Product Improvements


Reason for Bulletin:
This bulletin outlines a series of product improvements that were implemented throughout 2015.
8” CASTOR WHEEL (TB 0048 - 07/04/2015)
The Quickie Rumba and Tango 8” castor wheel tyre was changed to improve quality and durability.
This castor wheel tyre did not perform to our or our customers’ expectations and as a result the castor design improvements were implemented.
The new castor wheel is visually identical to the old castor wheel. A new part code has been used to distinguish between old and new parts.
The new part code for the 8” castor wheel and tyre is C06278B

This change was implemented from 13th October 2015.
To mitigate potential shortages, the seat tilt actuator was dual powered amid 2014. The two types are directly interchangeable.
Noise reduction improvements have now been incorporated into the second sources actuator.

As a result of our post market surveillance, the following improvements were made to the castor housing and castor fork to improve durability for heavier outdoor users and ease of servicing for approved repairers.
  1. Castor Stem Bolt and Fork: The castor fork stem bolt design has moved from a one piece machined castor stem pin to 2 separate components (Castor stem (screw bolt 10.9) and Castor fork) improving the strength of the stem and castor fork assembly and reducing cost of servicing.
The castor stem bolt is available as a separate spare part reducing the cost of refurbishment or repairs as previously if damaged, the entire fork would need to be replaced.
  1. Castor Bearing Housing (Part of side frame): The distance between the two castor fork stem bearing located within the side frame has increased. Distributing the load on the castor stem bolt across a greater area increases the strength and durability of the component and reduces play that may occur over time.

Spare Parts
The old once-piece style castor stem pin is no longer available. A new kit of parts is available with the new style stem pin for existing models prior to this change.
Spare parts are available as follows for wheelchairs manufactured before & after the change to the castor
Following customer feedback, the Lomax Uni Hanger option has been improved so that the Legrest mounts higher onto the frame providing more clearance between the foot plates and the castor wheels as not to cause a clash.
If you wish to upgrade existing Quickie Tango’s, replacement parts can be ordered using part code XL0020-02L - Hanger receiver LH and XL0020-02R - Hanger receiver RH.
The change was implemented in production from serial number TAN15094274 on the 9th October 2015.
The Micro switch mount was improved from all products manufactured after 30th April 2015. The new design stops any undesired movement or play.
This part can be purchased using part code 034063 and is supplied complete with the micro switch.

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