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TB UK059 GPU, GPV & GP SA discontinuation


Description of Bulletin:
Technical Bulletin UK059 is confirmation of the official discontinuation of the Quickie GPU, Quickie GPV and Quickie GP SA commencing from 1st May 2016.
The GPU, GPV & GP SA was replaced in functionality and features by the Quickie Life R in 2013. Since the introduction of the Quickie Life R, the demand for the GPU, GPV and GP SA has significantly reduced and has now reached a point where the manufacturing for the GPU, GPV and GP SA is no longer viable.
The GPU, GPV and GP SA will continue to be available up to 1st May 2016, after this date orders will no longer be processed.  
Spares or equivalents will be maintained and supplied for 5 years for the GPU, GPV and GP SA.
A replacement product can be found in the Quickie Life R, which is available with a fixed front and swing away frame. Please see below for more information on the benefits of switching to the Quickie Life R. 

Benefits to customers moving to the more modern Quickie Life R:
The Quickie Life R brings a significant number of benefits to the customer:
  1. The Life R is available in both a fixed front frame or with swing away frame.
  2. The standard max. user weight for the Life R is 125kg (19.6 stones) which is greater than that of the GPU, GPV or GP SA.
  3. It has a seat depth range of 36 – 50cm and seat width of 34 – 48cm. There is also the possibility of a smaller seat depth and width with the Quickie Life RT (teen version).
  4. The Life R has a more modern style to the frame and the options and accessories that are available on the Life R have been rolled down from our flag ship products. For example the Exo backrest upholstery is a standard on the Life R, this upholstery allows greater breathability and comfort to customers, as well as better styling.
  5. There is an extensive variety of colour options available on the Life R, from 32 frame colour choices to 5 upholstery trim colours. Customers are also able to customise their chair to their own unique style with the non-cost anodised fork and axle stem.
  6. It is lighter than the GPV with the weight of the Life R from just 10.5kg.
  7. There is a 5 year frame warranty and a 2 year guarantee on components on the Life R.
  8. The chair is much easier to adjust with a new angle backrest plate which is also stronger and more durable. The camber can be adjusted from 0-4 degrees with no extra parts.
  9. The Life R has been successfully transit tested.
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