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TB 0515 New forged parts - 90° backrest


Description of Bulletin:

We are always looking for ways in which we can improve the existing product range and as part of this we have now changed the 90° backrest on Quickie Xenon2 from a cast part with a welded backrest tube to a forged part with a clamped backrest tube. The new part numbers are XFF030010 or XES030010.

This change will be implemented on all Quickie Xenon2 placed from the 28th November 2016.


Benefits to the Customer:

This is due to there being great success of a similar design on the Neon2, this new backrest design ensures a much sturdier and stronger backrest resulting in no broken welding-seams on the backrest-tubes. The backrest tube on the new design can now be exchanged separately, this therefore results in it now being possible to retrofit the desk-sideguards to the Quickie Xenon2


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