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TB 0505 Replacement Carbotectures for Aluminium forks


Description of Bulletin:

In a continued effort to improve the quality and also the simplicity of prescribing our Quickie active manual range, we have recently replaced the 123mm carbotecture forks to aluminium. This change has been made because more customers than ever before are using power add on attachments. When a customer uses a power add-on device we recommend that they use an aluminium fork due to the extra forces put through the chair. Now that we are seeing more power add-on devices being used and the small uptake we had for the longer fork, it makes sense to move these all over to one option. If customers would like to take advantage of the weight savings the carbotecture version has to offer then they may still be able to select the shorter 111mm fork by altering their front seat height. This improvement will affect the Youngster 3, Simba, Life FT, RT, F, R, Argon2, Helium, Neon2 and Xenon2 .

Please note that any outstanding chairs to be built from orders placed on E-Forms prior to Friday 8th July will be switched to the aluminium fork. You should be contacted by our order administration team regarding this however if you have any concerns then please contact your orders administration buddy with your queried order number.

Benefits to the customer:

Aluminium forks will benefit the customer in a number of ways;
  - No need to choose optional forks for the use with power add-ons
  - Replacing the existing Carbotecture forks with the aluminium version make anti-flutter adjustment and      
    control easier and more efficient.

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