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TB 0486 Helium Personalisation Options


Description of Bulletin:
As we continue to develop our products we endure to seek ways in which we can retain modern and unique products in both style and design. Therefore from the 1st February 2016 we are adding new options to the Quickie Helium and Helium Pro.
These options are as follows:

  • Extra Style Pack Colours

  • Additional colour options on castor wheels, castor forks, rear wheel rims and hubs.

  • Further colour option on Spinergy wheels (12 spoke)

  • The option of Surge LT handrims

Benefits to the Customer:
The introduction of these new options means that the customer now has a wider variety to choose from to personalise their chair. 

With the additional colour style package (black, orange and silver previously available), customers can now create a chair of their own with colour options of red and blue available on the backrest brackets, axle-stem clamp, castor forks and Quickie and Helium stickers.
They can go further and modify their castor wheels from the choice of 5 colours (silver, blue, red, orange or black), and via the rear wheel rims and hubs with the choice of anodising them with either red, orange or blue to create their own unique chair. Or if they would prefer the Spinergy 12 spokes, they can now choose from either silver or black hubs this is only available with the lightweight wheels.
We have now added Surge LT handrims to the Helium order form which provide additional functionality beyond our current hand rim options. For more information on the benefits of the Surge LT handrim please contact your local ASM or refer to the surge website. We hope that the addition to our order form allows dealers to save time and hassle in providing these to their client.

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