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Notice of Upgrade Work Required to Handicare HCM Trophy Scooters


We would like to make customers aware of an important Field Safety Notice (FSN) relating to Trophy Scooters. Please visit to view the FSN.

This FSN applies to Trophy scooters previously manufactured and sold by Sunrise Medical HCM (formerly known as Handicare B.V.) and manufactured prior to September 2012. The full serial number range is provided in the Field Safety Notice here.

As part of our on-going product testing and evaluation, we have identified a potential problem with the lifetime durability of the motor controller interface affecting units within the serial number ranges detailed within the FSN.

Over time the motor controller interface may degrade through the ingress of moisture and dirt and in some circumstances this has the potential to overheat leading to the possibility of injury occurring. To provide continued reliability and prevent this potential problem, Sunrise Medical HCM will provide a replacement motor controller interface.

Please visit to view the Field Safety Notice.

If you have any queries please contact Customer Services on 0845 605 6688 (option 2) or email