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TB UK056 Discontinuation of Neon Fixed Front


Description of Bulletin:
Technical Bulletin UK056 is confirmation of the Neon Fixed Front manual wheelchair will be discontinued from 31st December 2015.

The Neon Swing-Away will continue to be available until the Neon² is launched in 2016.
 There is no longer a requirement for a fixed front chair in the medium active range. We currently offer the Life fixed front and the light Xenon² fixed front. The replacement Neon² will only be available in a lightweight swing away version and will supersede the current swing away version.

Parts manuals will no longer be updated, and no further orders will be accepted for the Neon Fixed Front from the date shown above. Standard Sunrise Medical spares policy will apply to the Neon Fixed Front going forward.

To download the full Technical Bulletin please click here.

Links / Attachments:

- Parts Manual: To be updated
- Order Forms: To be removed. Neon2 order form will be available upon request from Customer Services or your Area Sales Manager after 2016 launch.

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