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TB UK043 Quickie Salsa M Seating Improvements


Subject of Bulletin:

We have made a series of improvements and additions to the Quickie Salsa adjustable seat making it the quickest, easiest and most adjustable seat by Sunrise Medical.

Each of the improvements is focused on increasing the ease and speed of adjustment, whilst a range of additional options have been added to improve the clinical application and scope of the seating system.

All adjustments on the Salsa seating system are now possible without the need for additional parts.

Manufacturing Implementation

The improvements made to the Salsa family seating system outlined in this bulletin are live and in production at our UK facility and available with immediate effect on the Quickie Salsa M, Salsa M² and Quickie Hula.

These improvements will be implemented into our German production facility and onto the Quickie Salsa R² from 1st March 2015.

The series of NEW options (e.g. Single Post Armrest, Power Recline, Lateral Thigh Guide, Pommel) will be rolled onto the Quickie Hula, Salsa M² and Salsa R² in early Spring 2015. They are, however, available via our Built-4-Me department with immediate effect.

All options are retro-fittable to existing products and upgrade parts are available with immediate effect from:

Flip back Armrests:

a) Adjustment of the armrest angle has moved from the inside to the outside allowing for adjustment while the client is seated.
b) Armpad depth can now be adjusted from the outside via loosening two Allen bolts and sliding the armpad forward and backwards.
c) The joystick receiver mounting has been improved. The receiver now bolts directly into the flip back armrest via
threaded holes. This improvement provides a stronger fixation, increases forward and backward adjustment and removes the need for nuts.

This option can be retro-fitted to the old version of the armrest by ordering 20104045 (right-hand) and 20104046 (left-hand).

The height of the sideguard has been increased by 5cm to sit higher up providing better support for the client. Additional adjustment holes have been fitted allowing for improved positioning.

Centre Mount Legrest
The centre mount legrest has been updated. The new legrests include easier adjustment, improved calf pads and a thick cast aluminium footplate.

SAL060206 Fixed centre mount legrest: short (kids)
Lower leg length: 21cm - 42cm (8" - 17")
SAL060204 Fixed centre mount legrest: medium
Lower leg length: 38cm - 52cm (15" - 20.5")

STR050106 Centre mount legrest: short
lower leg length 29cm - 37cm (11.5" - 14.5")
STR050107 Centre mount legrest: medium
lower leg length 37cm - 47cm (14.5" - 18.5")

70° Swing away Legrest
The swing-away legrests are now supplied in black to match the Salsa R² and improve refurbishment. The older silver hangers are still available as spare parts.

Reclining Backrest – Gas Strut and Power
Following customer feedback we have introduced a new power and gas strut recline. The new option has the following improvements:
  • Adjustable without additional parts throughout the complete size range of 16” – 20” width and 16” – 20” depth.
  • Wider bracing bar for easier mounting of third party backrests.
  • Rigid and without flex when loading armrests.
  • Quicker adjustments – No need to remount actuator when changing seat depth.
Reclining Armrest
The design of the reclining armrest has been changed. The previous revision kept the armpads level when a power recline was used via a bracing bar between the armpad and the seat.

The new design links the backrest and armrest together, keeping the armpad level in recline without the need for the linkage bar and making it suitable for clients with poor dexterity and hand function who could not re-engage the bracing bar.

NOTE: For clients that chose the previous reclining armrest for the solid support that it provided, a single post armrest is now available.

A variety of new armpad options are now available on the Salsa M. these include:
  • F55 Style Contoured Armpad: A wider armpad featuring a contour for increased support and comfort. This pad is made from a harder material than the standard armpad for extra durability.
  • JAY Comfort Padded Armpad: Featuring a wider profile than the standard armpad with thick padding. This armpad is the ideal solution for clients requiring extra comfort and support.
  • JAY Comfort Padded P-Shaped Armpad: Padded for comfort with an extra wide armrest support. Only available with the single post armrest.
  • Gutter Style Armpads: Made from a super soft material with a deep gutter armpad and large hand pad for the highest level of armrest support and positioning.
Single Post Armrest
Designed for clients requiring additional postural support the single post armrest features a large adjustable sideguard that can be positioned rearwards to the pelvis and forwards towards the knee giving more lateral support than our traditional sideguard.

The armpad, sideguards and joystick mount can all have 1” of inward adjustment per side enabling the seat width to be reduced by 2”.

The armrest is removable via the hand wheel and can be quickly height adjusted via the Allen bolt located on the outside of the chair.

Lateral Thigh Guide
Designed for clients requiring more lateral support around the pelvis, hips and legs than the standard sideguard provides, but who need the flip back armrest function. The lateral thigh guide can be used in combination with the flip back armrest.

For increased positioning and support this option features:
  • Quick release function for easy transfers
  • Height adjustment
  • Pad depth adjustment (via sliding plate or flip mounting tube)
  • Thick padded pommel with solid inner
  • Easy wipe down cover
50° Tilt in Space
The Quickie Salsa M is now available with a powered 50° Tilt-In-Space. Providing effective pressure relief for clients with a high risk of skin breakdown. Please note this option is not available in combination with a powered recline.

Spare Parts
New spare parts for assemblies and some of the new components have been set up and are live and available on the Sunparts website. The remaining component spare parts will be available from February 2015 onwards.

For more information on any of these upgrades, to loan a product, or for support with a demonstration or assessment please contact your area Sales Manager or Customer Services.

If you have any questions about this bulletin, then please contact Customer Services:

Customer Support
Telephone: +44 (0)845 605 66 88 Option 2
Fax: +44 (0)845 605 66 89

Technical Service Centre
Telephone: +44 (0)845 605 66 88 Option 3
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