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TB 0473 Groove 4 Pole Motor Replacement


Due to parts unavailability, we have been informed by our supplier that the AMT 4-pole motors we used for Groove F/M/R as spares are no longer available to us. Therefore we have to provide an alternative motor option to ensure we can continue to support Groove wheelchairs in the field.
 We have investigated and implemented the use of our existing Salsa and Jive LINIX motors as an alternative. We have produced an instruction detailing how to change the motors and what needs to be done from a programming perspective.
Unfortunately as we have no Delphi support any longer, only Groove chairs with an R-Net control system can be updated.
The parts manual has been updated to reflect the selection option required as detailed in the work instruction mentioned above. The installation document will be attached with any spare parts requests for AMT 4-pole motor with Linix Substitution.

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