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TB 0449/0455 Jive Gas and Rear Castor Arm update


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As part of Sunrise Medicals commitment to high quality and reliability, we continue to monitor field performance of our products and look to enhance and improve them over time.

Working with feedback from the market on the Jive M, we recognised a need to address the longer term reliability of the gas strut suspension system on the Jive M. To this end, there have been two changes implemented in the design of the gas strut system as follows:

  1. Introduction of a new version of the gas strut. The new strut has an increased surface quality on the pin rod, thus reducing wear and tear. This new version was tested on bench test, with a particularly heavy duty user in the field, and on a test track to simulate lifetimes use, all with extremely positive results. Identification of the newer Gas Strut assemblies is with the manufacturing date on the body of the strut. This reads 09/14 or later.
  1. Implementation of a new spring loaded brass pad into the rear castor arm assembly. This pad removes the high frequency operations of the gas strut release pin, resulting in less pin movements and increasing the overall lifetime of the gas strut.
The chairs performance will stay the same with one exception: Due to the brass pad sticking out app. 1,5mm it will allow the chair a small amount of degrees more pitching forward when decelerating or rocking forward in the chair due to this later release of the pin. Apart from that all other performance elements remain unchanged.
A rollout procedure has been implemented to update rear castor arms and gas struts for chairs in the field where there has been an occurrence of early gas strut failure.

The nylon screw has been used to minimise the play. It is also adjustable to remove play in the field.

Benefit to customer

1. Improved quality
2. No play in armrest
3. User feels more secure.

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