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TB 0449/0455 Discontinuation of JAY J-Gel cushion


Description of Bulletin:

As part of Sunrise Medical’s strategy to streamline the JAY portfolio, we announce the discontinuation of the JAY J-Gel cushion with immediate effect (02/11/15).
Replacement products are available in the JAY Easy Fluid and JAY Xtreme Active cushions.
Benefits to customer:
Both the JAY Easy Fluid and JAY Xtreme Active cushions feature JAY Fluid technology instead of a silicone based gel. A switch to JAY fluid offers significant benefits for the user.

  1. The JAY Fluid is vastly superior to gel in that it provides very high skin protection by allowing both immersion and envelopment into the fluid around bony structures of the hips and pelvis. JAY Fluid also reduces seat shear forces as it continually reshapes around the buttock for optimum stability and skin protection. Silicone-based gel offers limited immersion and envelopment and does not effectively reduce shear forces around the buttocks.

  2. Both cushions are much lighter than the JAY J-Gel and make both lifting and handling the cushion much easier. They also reduce the overall weight of wheelchair and cushion that a user has to push when self-propelling.

  3. Integration of new cover technologies on the Xtreme Active further maximise skin protection. A choice of Breathable, Stretch and Incontinence covers can meet specific user needs. The Stretch cover is particularly effective in allowing deeper envelopment into the JAY Fluid.

  4. The Xtreme Active is available as standard with a flat top surface (making it ideal for easy transfers) of optional leg support components to offer greater positioning of the thighs.

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- Parts Manual: Spare parts will be available for 5 years (until June 30th 2020)
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