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TB0434 Introduction of new lift & tilt module


Subject of Bulletin:

In an ongoing effort to improve the design, functionality and performance of our products the Lift & Tilt Module used on all Quickie and Zippie products has been improved to reduce the seat to floor height.

The reduction of the seat height when a Lift & Tilt option is selected aids with transfers, reduces head height requirements for vehicles and improves access under desks.

The new Lift & Tilt module provides a 20mm lower STFH (seat to floor height) compared to the previous module. The seat height when a Lift/Tilt option is required is as follows:

Quickie Salsa R2                      47cm            (18.5”)
Quickie R2 HD                          43cm            (16.5”)
Quickie Salsa M                        48cm            (19”)
Quickie Salsa MHD                  44cm            (17.3”)
Quickie Jive R                            43cm           (16.5”)
Quickie Jive F                            44.5cm        (17.5”)
Quickie Jive M                           44.5cm        (17.5”)

The new Lift/Tilt module is backwards compatible with Salsa M and all Jive variants.

The “old” Salsa (RWD) will change at a separate date to be announced.

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Links / Attachments:

- Sunparts:
Updated to include both old style and new style modules
- Order Forms: Seat to floor height tables updated to reflect changes in STFH
- Website: No change
- Owners Manual: No change