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TB UK042 Sapphire 2 Colour Change


Subject of Bulletin:

This is advance notification of a colour and specification change to the Sterling Sapphire 2 mobility scooter.
From March/April 2015 the Sapphire II scooter colour will change from the red/blue colour to a new metallic grey colour (paint code reference Urban Grey QD). The new colour Sapphire II will also feature non-marking black tyres.
The red/blue colour Sapphire II part number SPSLSAPPHIRE2RED4 / SPSLSAPPHIRE2BLUE4 will be discontinued from March/April 2015 with the phase in of the new grey metallic colour.
The part number for the new grey metallic Sapphire II is SPSLSAPPHIRE2GREY4. All other product features are unchanged.
Update your Marketing Materials
If the existing red or blue Sapphire 2 features in any printed literature or marketing materials we would remind you to update this in time for the change over in March 2015.

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