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TB UK039 Improvement to J3 Backrest Range


Subject of Bulletin:

In an ongoing effort to improve the design, functionality and performance of our JAY wheelchair backrest range, a series of improvements have been introduced on the J3 Backrest design and following customer feedback the prescription forms have been simplified.

New J3 Carbon fibre back
  • Ultra stylish, lightweight backrest for active users offering firm stabilisation of the pelvis and lower spine to optimise spinal support but 60% lighter than J3 aluminium backrests.
  • Please refer to, or contact your area sales manager for more information

New J3 Mid Deep Contour back
This new shape provides stabilisation of pelvis and higher trunk support without constricting hips and still facilitating upper body movement.
  • Heights: Mid thoracic, Upper thoracic and shoulder height
  • Widths: 36cm / 41cm / 46cm / 51cm

Improved lateral placement
The Mounting Channel for the Lateral Thoracic supports now share the same slots as the backrest mounting hardware.

This improvement vastly increases the range for placement of laterals pads, offering more precise support of the user’s trunk.

Indexed marks on mounting hardware
  • The new index markings provide quicker, easier and more precise adjustment

Black coloured covers
  • All black covers across the J3 Range improve the styling and aesthetic appeal of the backrest

Easier to follow order form
Following customer feedback the J3 prescription forms have been simplified to improve the ordering process for prescribers.

The J3 Order Forms have now been split by Backrest Shape e.g. shallow contour / Deep Contour, etc…

Order forms are now less complex and easier to prescribe and order

If you require any assistance please contact Matthew Eveleigh, JAY Clinical Specialist on

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