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TB UK036 Zippie Simba Generation 2015


Detail of Bulletin:

Product innovation and improvement are core to the beliefs of Sunrise Medical and it is with that enthusiasm we have recently updated the Zippie Simba children's wheelchair with new Generation 2015 updates. There are eight great improvements that have led to a new and improved product and a market leading paediatric rigid wheelchair.

What have we improved? (please see supporting diagram on the full Technical Bulletin)

New Forks!
  • We have taken the same Carbotecture forks from our flagship Helium. Made from a special compound which is half the weight of the aluminium forks but stronger! This means the chair is now easier to push and transfer.

New Castor house!
  • We have also used the same Hydroformed front castor housing as our flagship Helium. This means that the front of the chair is now much stronger and even lighter than before also making it easier to push and transfer.

New Stroller Handle!
  • The new stroller handle makes it easier to push a child especially in smaller width chairs. Parents will love the ergonomic design that eases pushing and is angle adjustable, making it a great feature for multiple carers or both parents.

New Safari wheel lock!
  • This new and improved design features a new release handle with a bigger ball cap which is more reliable, more ergonomic and comfortable to use. We have also made the brake much stronger using a harder wearing steel bolt.

New Tyre options!
  • Solid tyres are now available on Proton and Lightweight wheels. Customers are now able to benefit from a maintenance free tyre on a lightweight wheel.

New design improvements!
  • New axle clamp system – now easier to change and adjust the rear seat height and centre of gravity.
  • New backrest stabliser bar – increases the strength and rigidity of the backrest and reduces the play between push handles when being pushed.
  • New backrest fixation – there is now stainless steel bushing around the backtube fixation to the seat frame that reduces backrest play.
If you have any questions about these updates, then please contact Customer Services on 0845 605 66 88 (Option 2).

If you have any questions about this bulletin, then please contact Customer Services:

Customer Support
Telephone: +44 (0)845 605 66 88 Option 2
Fax: +44 (0)845 605 66 89

Technical Service Centre
Telephone: +44 (0)845 605 66 88 Option 3
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To download the full Technical Bulletin please click here.

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