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TB UK035 Introduction of new JAY Xtreme Active cushion


Subject of Bulletin:

In an ongoing effort to improve the design, functionality and performance of our JAY wheelchair cushions, the JAY Xtreme and JAY Active cushion have undergone a series of design improvements that introduce a number of new technologies and features from the JAY Balance cushion.

The features of the two cushions (JAY Xtreme and JAY Active) have now been combined into one modular cushion called the JAY Xtreme Active.

Important Note: The JAY Xtreme Active can be prescribed using the order form or conversion matrix supplied with this bulletin, to provide the same features and performance as the JAY Xtreme or JAY Active cushion.

Benefits to Customer:
  • Improved microclimatic cover (from JAY Balance)
  • Alternative cover options: stretch and incontinence (from JAY Balance)
  • Modular positioning options
  • Water resistant inner cover
  • Easy order form
Cushion Features & Design Changes

1. Microclimatic Cover

Both the JAY Xtreme and JAY Active cushion were previously supplied with a microclimatic cover as used on the J2 and J2 DC.

The microclimatic cover has now been improved now using 3DX Spacer Fabric Material as seen on the JAY Balance. The new cover provides increased breathability, heat reduction and improved comfort for the user.
The cushion cover also features a pouch for use by the cushion user.

The cushion cover also features a pouch for use by the cushion user.

2. Alternative Cover Options
Two new cover options are now available widening the application of the cushion. In addition to the Microclimatic cover previously offered the JAY Xtreme Active is also available with a:
  • Incontinence Cover
  • Stretch Cover, for better immersion and envelopment around bony areas

3. Inner Cover
The Inner cover previously used on the Jay Xtreme and JAY Active has been updated now using the same technology used on the JAY Balance.

The Xtreme Active is now supplied with a durable reverse Dartex material and Aquaguard zipper with anti-wicking thread. The inner cover now keeps the base foam free from water ingress and is easier to clean.

4. Positioning Options: Lateral Thigh Supports
With the introduction of a new inner cover the positioning options previously offered on the JAY Xtreme and JAY Active cushion have also been improved.

Previously stitched into the inner cover and difficult to remove the leg support options are now attached with velcro onto the inner cover. This improvement allows prescribers to order the cushion with or with without the positioning options making the cushion more flexible to use in clinic.

An additional pommel option is now available. All options can be easily retro fitted at a later date.

5. Cushion Base & Fluid Pad
The Cushion Base and Fluid Pad remain unchanged.

Ordering JAY Xtreme Active
The improved JAY Xtreme Active cushion can now be ordered using a prescription form or using JAY Smart ordering codes.

STEP 1. The code always begins with ‘JXAC’.
STEP 2. Choose width and depth in cms.
STEP 3. Select fluid pad type: ‘S’ for small (JAY Xtreme equivalent fluid pad) or ‘L’ for large (JAY Active equivalent fluid pad).
STEP 4. Select cover type – microclimatic, stretch or incontinence.
‘EU’ denotes it is for the European market.

If you require leg positioning components then select the following option on the form (highlighted below in red). Select the code ending in ‘S’ for cushion depths up to 42cm and ‘R’ for depths of 44cm or greater.

Part Code Conversion Matrix

To simplify the transition, the Matrix supplied with this bulletin can be used to cross reference old codes for the JAY Xtreme and JAY Active with new codes for the new JAY Xtreme Active cushion code.

The new cushion has been designed to perform as effectively and utilises a smart code as follows. To see the supporting document, please click here.

If you require any assistance, can contact Matthew Eveleigh, JAY Clinical Specialist who can assist you.

If you have any questions about this bulletin, then please contact Customer Services:

Customer Support
Telephone: +44 (0)845 605 66 88 Option 2
Fax: +44 (0)845 605 66 89

Technical Service Centre
Telephone: +44 (0)845 605 66 88 Option 3
Fax: +44 (0)845 605 66 89

To download the full Technical Bulletin please click here.

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- Order Forms: Available from Customer Services
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