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TB UK033 Recline actuator with VR2 no-go (HD seating systems)


Subject of Bulletin:

This bulletin is to advise all customers of a change to No-Go status (non-compatibility) between the Powered Recline and the VR2 Control system.

After extensive testing it has been determined that the power recline actuator when used in conjunction with the current limiting circuitry within the VR2 controller, does not meet Sunrise Medical expectations for durability. The power recline actuator will, however, still function correctly within the expected lifetime of the wheelchair.

For this reason, this option will be deemed as unavailable with the VR2 control system.

The selection of the powered recline option with a VR2 control system, will become a No-Go and the R-net control system must be selected when powered recline is required on the Quickie Salsa M HD, Salsa R2 HD and Quickie Jive powered wheelchairs.

If you have any questions about this bulletin, then please contact Customer Services:

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