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TB 0444 New Single post armrest receiver for Jive and Salsa HD


Subject of Bulletin:

As part of Sunrise Medicals commitment to improving our products and listening to feedback from our customer base, a new improved single post armrest has been introduced on the Quickie Jive and Quickie Salsa HD seating system.

The new design incorporates a strengthened post, new stronger receiver and is now secured with an 8mm thumb screw to replace the old 6mm thumb screw. The shape of the receiver and the larger thumb screw ensure that there is no play at all in the mechanism. Additionally, a steel pin has been inserted into the aluminium post which engages with the thumb screw, ensuring that there is no wear over time and no need to tighten up the screw on a regular basis.

The new assembly is completely retro-fittable to existing chairs, and has new part numbers (as detailed in the full Technical Bulletin). Parts manuals will be updated to include all new part numbers, which replace existing items.

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To download the full Technical Bulletin please click here.

Links / Attachments:

- Sunparts: Updated with new part numbers
- Order Forms: No change
- Website: No change
- Owners Manual: No change