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TB UK0726 - New Centre Mount Tray Control


Due to our previous supplier being unable to supply moving forward, we are introducing a new Centre Mount Tray Control assembly for the Q700 UP & Q700 Sedeo Ego, as well as the following legacy products: Jive, Jive M2, Jive UP, Salsa M2, Salsa R2, Salsa M2 Mini, Puma 40.

All other power chairs either in the field, or newly ordered with Sedeo Lite and Sedeo Pro seating systems remain unchanged. Please note however, that the new JSM required is not compatible with the old tray assembly. All changes are reflected and updated in the spare parts catalogues. This change allows us to keep production running for orders requiring tray controls, meaning less delays and reduced lead times. It also allows for greater compatibility across the entire Q-Series range; Sedeo Lite, Sedeo Pro, Sedeo Ergo, UP as well as the upcoming Advanced Pro Models.

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