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TBUK141 - R20 UK Stock


The Empulse R20 had a very successful launch and has been very well received by dealerships and end users alike. It is the lightest Powerpack on the market with a total carry weight of just 6kg, also allows you to fold the chair while it is still attached and it is easy to connect and disconnect from a wheelchair.

However, we have received customer feedback that the lead times for the R20 are too long,. Based on this feedback, we have undertaken a project to stock the R20 in the UK to significantly reduce lead times.

As of January 1st 2021 we now stock R20 Units in the UK!

The benefit to the customer is that we now have units stocked on the shelf, ready to be picked and dispatched from our UK factory in Brierley Hill. This reduces the overall lead time of the product from 15 days down to 5 days.

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