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TB UK174 - New 14” Drive Wheel Option

Alternative product available: Triton


At Sunrise Medical we always strive to offer the best solution to our clients through continuous innovation and development of both our new and existing products.

To this end, we are delighted to announce the introduction of a new 14” Drive Wheel option for the Q400 M & Q500 M, which significantly improves the performance of both products.

Reason For Change

The Q400 M & Q500 M have been out in the field for three years now, and during that time we have received feedback that in certain situations they lacked the performance to overcome situations such as; Ramp Transitions, Cambers, Undulating Terrain and Gravel.

Customer Benefit

The new 14” Drive Wheel option significantly enhances the performance of the Q400 M & Q500 M via:

 Smoother ramp transitions

 Greater traction / kerb climbing

 Improved terrain handling

 Increased lateral stability

The added benefit of this option is that it doesn’t require any design changes or modifications to the base, and doesn’t affect seat to floor heights. The only thing to consider is that this option adds 2cm of overall width to the chair, bringing it to 63cm total.

Improved Kerb Climbing:

Improved Terrain Handling:

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