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Alternative product available: Triton


We are pleased to introduce a larger diameter wheel for the Q200 R kerb climber, resulting in improved kerb climbing ability and a smoother kerb climbing experience.

The wheel style kerb climber was introduced on the Q200 R, in response to customer feedback regarding the more traditional ‘Boot’ style’ kerb climbers seen on rear wheel drive Powerchairs. These ‘Boot’ style kerb climbers often required a run-up to generate the inertia needed to get the user up the kerb, resulting in an uncontrolled and uncomfortable experience.

This new kerb climber addresses these issues via a new kerb climbing style, which is explained here:

Reason for Change
However, we have received feedback that not all users are able to kerb climb in this new manner, and we have isolated the cause of this to being the diameter of the wheel itself.

Design Update
To address this feedback, we have implemented a change in the wheel that we offer, increasing the diameter from 125mm to 150mm as standard across the Q200 R.

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