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TB UK167 - J3 Swing-away Lateral Thoracic Hardware Update


As part of our commitment to design innovations in response to prescriber feedback, Sunrise Medical has made several improvements to the swing-away lateral thoracic hardware on the JAY J3 backrests range.

These new lateral thoracics can be mounted inside or outside of the JAY backrest shell, due to a new slim hardware design. This offers greater ability to inset or outset lateral thoracic supports for a supportive fit. It also enables fitting even where the distance between the backpost and back shell is very tight.

In addition, the new hardware design increases inward and outward adjustability by five times, when compared to the range in the previous swing-away J3 hardware.

This is due to a two pivot point design which provides up to 100mm of adjustment.

Interlocking teeth ensure a positive and secure fit after adjustment, and an easy access push-button makes everyday use a breeze.

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