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TB UK165 - Q-Series Updates


When designing our Q-Series range of powerchairs, customer focus and innovation was at the heart of everything.

From the very first concept we wanted to produce an innovative range of products that were designed with the prescriber, engineer and client in mind, and solve issues that our customers were facing. Now that these products have launched, these two principles are still at the forefront of our thinking, therefore we are pleased to announce a series of updates on the Q-Series chairs from October 2021.

The following outlines the developments and which Q-Series chairs these relate to.

1) Q700 M Sedeo Pro Softer Castors – Q700 M Sedeo Pro

2) NEW Q300 M Mini 50° Powered Tilt Module – Q300 M Mini

3) Sedeo Pro Legrest Receivers for Swing-away Legrests – Q300 M Mini, Q400 M Sedeo Lite, Q500 Sedeo Pro Series, Q700 Sedeo Pro Series

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