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Following its launch in 2010, the Quickie Helium has gone on to become one of the most successful manual chairs ever produced by Sunrise Medical. It’s sleek and modern styling, excellent ride performance and superior lifting weight made it the go-to chair in the adjustable aluminium market.

However as times move on, new innovations and manufacturing techniques are brought to market that need to be reflected in our products. To that end, on June 1st 2021 we will be discontinuing the Quickie Helium and replacing it in the retail space with the Quickie Nitrum. As is required, all spare parts will be supported for the Quickie Helium for the next five years, ending on the 1st June 2026.

QUICKIE NITRUM, the next generation Helium
The Quickie Nitrum aims to build on the success of the Helium, rather than trying to reinvent it.

We have also taken this opportunity to review the pricing of the Helium (Base price £2,725), which has led to the Nitrum being introduced to the market at just £2,300, this is a fully useable spec with sideguards, push handles, brakes and much more included as standard!

To read more about the features of the Nitrum and how these align with the Helium, please see the full technical bulletin in the link below.

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