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TB 0661 - Compact Brake EVO


In 2020, Quickie has introduced a brand new active manual chair to the market, the Quickie Nitrum. The Nitrum is the next generation Helium, its combination of weight and energy efficiency make it one of the most advanced manual chairs every introduced by Quickie, and allowed us to introduce a series of new and exciting options to the market such as our twist-to-lock backrest and integrated LED lights.

With the Nitrum we have also introduced a new style of compact brake, our Compact brake EVO. This was due to feedback that the old style compact brake could sometimes work loose over time, resulting in play on the brake and therefore not locking the wheel as tightly as it should. The new compact brake EVO overcomes this via a new, reinforced bi-lateral housing for more rigidity and durability, improved brake-force and handling to ensure it stays locked when moving the wheel. It also offers a 60g weight saving over its predecessor to reduce the overall and lifting weight of the wheelchair.

The Compact Brake EVO is downward compatible, and comes with a new option code suffix, 060023.

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