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TB 0647 - New R20 Battery


The R20 Powerpack was introduced in September 2019 as the first product in the Sunrise Medical E-Mobility Portfolio, Empulse. Following on from this we have introduced our Wheeldrive Powered wheels into the portfolio also. Whilst incorporating the Wheeldrive system we have also taken the opportunity to introduce a new battery that not only contains the Empulse branding, but also introduces an improved battery across the range.

This new battery contains an improved Battery Management System (BMS) that offers the following benefits:

  • Increased stability of the internal electronics for more reliable and accurate function
  • More accurate counter of charging cycles
  • Improved temperature control for a longer life
  • Internal error log for service purposes

The improvements gained by the BMS offer improved reliability and a longer battery to the user.

The new battery EMPULSE E1801-9120 has the new spare part number 1020824 which replaces the old version.

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