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TB UK142 - Q-Series Improved


Suspension Technical Update

Background to Update: Q400 M and Q500 M was launched with a firmer ride setting to reduce the cosmetic issue of “Crabbing” on the Quickie Salsa M2 and provide a firmer, more responsive ride setting as requested by our customers during customer engagement forums in the design process. 

Technical Update: From 14th December you will be able to choose 2 ride settings on the Q400M and Q500M: “Standard” and “Firm”.

Standard Suspension setting: The standard Suspension setting mirrors the set up and configuration of a Salsa M2 and during extensive R&D and field trials the chairs perform like for like, ensuring you can transition clients who have historically had a Salsa M2 into a Q400M or Q500M. 

Firm Suspension setting: The Firm Suspension setting is what we have historically manufactured to date on Q400 M and Q500 M. The former ride setting is recommended for clients with Lift and Tilt and with a MUW of over 100KG on Q400 M and 75Kg on Q500 M.

Field Adjustment: Field adjustment is available via our downloadable help guides, available to download here:

Caster Hardness
Background to Update: Q400 M and Q500 M was with a harder castor wheel to reduce wear and increase life before replacement (Castor compound hardness 92Sh).

Technical Update: From 14th December all Q400 M and Q500 M products are made to a softer compound setting of 82Sh. This provides a smoother, softer and quitter ride. All spare parts, part code 247566 from this date will be provided to the new specification

The combination of the new Standard Suspension setting and softer caster wheels provide an enhanced driving experience and combined with all the market leading features of the Q400 M and Q500 M offer a step change in performance.

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