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TB UK135 - Q700 UP & Q700 Sedeo Ergo - Sliding Block Update


We consistently review our complaint management system log to understand if there are trends within quality/design feedback from products in the field. As we have been reviewing this we have found a number of cases on the Q700 UP & Q700 Sedeo Ergo, where there is excessive wear on the aluminium guiding plate on the backrest.

Therefore we have taken steps to reduce this wear moving forward and in turn enhance the longevity of this part. We have changed the material from bronze to “POM-C +1% MO” this is a self-lubricating composite material which will be able to travel smoother in usage.

This new part is available as a spare item via ordering 21803046. This update is in production with immediate effect and therefore any chairs received prior to this communication will have the new POM sliding block implemented.


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