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TB UK134 New Zippie Voyage Base


In an ongoing effort to improve the design, functionality and performance of our early year’s strollers, the ZIPPIE Voyage, has under gone a design improvement that introduces a new Voyage base. This is to replace the previous Baby Jogger City Select base with a newly, designed for purpose, Zippie Voyage base.

The new Zippie Voyage base will be introduced into production from Friday 1st May. Therefore, all orders received on and after this date will received the new redesigned base.

Key Updates & Design Differences
With the introduction of the new Zippie voyage base there are a number of key improvements and differences:

  • Base Weight
  • Folding Mechanism 
  • Brake Mechanism
  • Push handle height & angle adjustable

Maintained Design Features
With the introduction of the new base design updates have been made. However, there are a number of key features which are still maintained:

1. ZIPPIE Voyage Seating
This update has not affected the Zippie Voyage seating and therefore any Zippie Voyage seating parts & accessories that you already have can be easily fitted onto the new base.

2. Clinical Tilt & Recline
The same range of tilt (0⁰ – 35⁰) and backrest recline (80⁰ – 180⁰) is still achievable on the new Zippie Voyage base.

3. Clinical Options & Accessories
With the introduction of the new ZIPPIE Voyage base we were aware that it was critical to maintain the options such as Oxygen tank holder, ventilator tray & IV pole and therefore we have designed new options to fit onto the NEW Zippie Voyage base.


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