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TB UK132 QUICKIE Q700 UP& Q700 Sedeo Ergo Updates


As part of continually commitment to our complex rehab powerchair range we review these products regularly to understand how we can develop these further to enhance the clients experience and to improve the design further.   
Therefore the following updates are being introduced with immediate effect, any questions or requests for these to be retrofitted on to clients chairs in the field please contact our Power Product Specialist Sam Owen (

Q700 UP M – Silencer Kit
It has been brought to our attention that on a number of Q700 UP M’s there is excessive noise deriving from the base when riding over uneven or hard terrain such as cobble stone surfaces.

Upon investigation we have learned that this noise is created due to 2 factors:
1. The Q700 UP M uses a castor lock instead of the performance springs (on Q700 M Pro & Sedeo Ergo)
2. The castor lock fixation shows play that also creates a noise while driving

This excessive noise has been addressed in all chairs after 20th February and for all products in the field there is now a retro fit kit available to order accompanied by work instructions on how to retro-fit these parts. The part number & instructions can be received by contacting our Power Product Specialist Sam Owen. 

Q700 UP M/F & Q700 Sedeo Ergo M/R/F – Recline Actuator Update
A new generation of power recline actuators has been released on the Q700 UP & Sedeo Ergo with immediate effect. The new recline actuator integrates the feedback system rather than having an external potentiometer as we previously fitted.

Q700 UP M/F – CxSM Firmware Update (8.22)
With the previous 8.21 CxSM firmware update where we improved the torque output for the FWD tilt actuator, we lost the functionality to regulate the speed of the FWD tilt in the lift function.

This resulted in an anterior tilt operating up to 5⁰ during the lift sequence especially for light users.

The speed parameter for this lift function on the UP seating is reactivated with the introduction of firmware 8.22.

The firmware update 8.22 is on all chairs with immediate effect and is available from our Product Specialist Sam Owen for chairs currently in the field. He will also provide a video tutorial how to update the CxSM firmware.

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