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TB UK129 Triton MHT Base Tilt Angle


Reason for Change

All of our design updates are driven by customer feedback, to ensure we are always meeting the needs and wants of our users. To achieve this, we have updated the range of tilt we are able to achieve on our MHT Hi-Lo base to -5 forward and +35 degrees backward, previously we offered -15 to +25.

Design Update

To achieve the new tilt angles, there Is a small change to the welded fixing that houses the tilt mechanism. The length of piston and other fixings remain the same to reduce the amount of new parts.

Customer Benefit

Being able to tilt to 35 degrees has many benefits, such as:

  • Greater postural alignment
  • Greater levels of pressure relief, combining 35 degrees of tilt with 10 degrees of backrest recline has been shown to have significant pressure relief benefit
  • More support for the headrest and backrest, reducing the effort needed to remain upright
  • Greater range to assist with hoisting the client fully to the rear of the seat


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