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TB UK136 - Q-series Seating Updates


Sunrise Medical 18 months ago introduced a new range of powerchairs the Q-Series with new seating systems. Once products are launched into the market we always ensure that we review any customer feedback, whether this is on the quality of a product or design features which need to be enhanced further.

It is for this reason that we are implementing two new changes on the Q-Series powerchairs

1) Improved Pommel Functionality – Q300 M Mini, Q400 M, Q500 Pro Series & Q700 Pro Series
On the Q-Series products we introduced a new pommel which offer added functionality of being able swing away to aid clients with easier transfers. To provide this added functionality we added a quick release lever however, this protruded too much and therefore for some clients they found the pommel uncomfortable and at times unusable.

It is for this reason we have updated the design of the lever and by reducing the overall length of the quick release pin. By doing this we have been able to ensure that the pin doesn’t protrude and cause discomfort to clients, while still retaining the functionality of the swing down design to aid with client transfers.
2) Introducing New Robust Powered Centre Mount to the floor option

While reviewing our complaint management system we found that there were a higher number of complaints logged on the powered centre mount legrest which contained the two floor switch.

When reviewing these complaints we found a trend which suggested that the switch being used on the powered centre mount is too delicate and therefore this switch became damaged when the chair was being used within its intended use.

Therefore we are updating the switch option on the Powered centre mount extension to the floor (xxx050071) to enhance the reliability and robustness to increase the longevity of the switch.

This new switch still puts the chair in to drive inhibit when activated against the floor, reducing the downward actuator overworking and stops the actuator driving in to the floor and in turn jacking the chair up.

This spring switch provides a more robust solution as it is able to freely move in all directions therefore when driving over undulated terrain and the switch is knocked it will not damage the unit.

For any queries on any of these updates please contact our either your local Area Sales Manager or our Power Product Specialist Sam Owen (

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