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After reviewing our internal quality feedback system we have detected a variation in the forward tilt actuator performance in our standing position on the Q700 F and M base.

This results in the lack of torque and speed especially in the mechanical unfavourable positions of the actuator (double tilt module in lowest position). Our Stand-Up software algorithm (Firmware version 8.20) allows the actuators in all positions a speed reduction to provide a smoother movement while operating a memory position, however this reduction in speed has also reduced the torque settings.

To allow the forward tilt actuator to operate with its full performance we have updated the firmware on all production chairs to the new 8.21 Firmware. This will provide 100% actuator speed between 0° and 20° on its way up. This has 2 positive effects:

1. The backrest is kept more upright during the standing motion as there is a higher forward tilt speed

2. The forward actuator provides higher torque to get the person upwards with less noticeable effort via the actuator

For more information on this update or queries on the Q700 UP or Q700 Sedeo Ergo please contact either the Powerchair Product Specialist Sam Owen ( or Powerchair Technical Specialist John Barnsley (

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