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TB 0614 Q-Series Seat Cushions & Backrest Update on IBIS, Puma Family


At Sunrise Medical we are constantly searching for ways that we can improve and develop our products, so that we are always providing the best solution for our users. To this end, we are introducing with immediate effect the new Q-Series seat cushions and backrest on to IBIS, Puma 20 and Puma 40 wheelchairs. The aim of this update is to integrate the legacy Sedeo Pro seating in line with the Q-Series Sedeo Pro seating.

User Benefits

By introducing the Q-Series backrests and seat cushions on to the Ibis & Puma Family we still maintain the same level of functionality and quality, however by using this new upholstery it offers a number of benefits to both users and prescribers:

1. The new Q-Series seat cushion & backrest cushion cover is thicker which provides a higher level of comfort for users even when used on lower profiled cushion which historically may have been less comfortable. The new Q-Series cover also provides more breathability to reduce sweating in comparison to the previous version available on the Ibis & Puma Family.

2. We are increasing our stock levels of the seat cushions and backrest which reduce the risk of stock outs of parts which then delay the chairs being shipped. This is due to changing from 3 seat depths (50/54/58) to 2 seat depths (50/56), changing it to these two still allows us to offer the same effective seat depth range of 44-59cm currently available.

The below link is a matrix to highlight key changes which were made. For most of these parts there is a description change and through this introduction we are discontinuing a few items.

All spare parts for the new backrests and seat cushions are available to order as required, new order forms will be released in January to reflect the changes stated in this email. For any further information or questions please contact your local Area Sales Manager.

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