JCM JupiterSeating System

Home seating system for comfort, support & ease of use

This product has been discontinued.

The Jupiter is the perfect home seating support system, with built in pressure care, Tilt-in-Space, 35° back angle recline and individually adjustable features as standard. Featuring adjustable arm rests with multi adjustable flip away trunk support, the Jupiter combines the highest levels of comfort with superior posture management. Available in 3 sizes, the Jupiter caters for children from 3 years right through to adulthood, providing postural support over the course a lifetime.

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JCM Jupiter Home Seating System
Three sizes covering 3 years to adulthood

Three sizes covering 3 years to adulthood

Choose from the three different size options the Jupiter offers, catering for all ages. Jupiter 1 is suitable for children aged 3 - 9 years, Jupiter 2 for children aged 8-13 years and Jupiter 3 for 12 years onwards. All sizes provide Tilt-in-Space & back recline, adjustable headrest, legrests and armrests, as well as built in pressure care.  Jupiter 3 offers three types of pressure care – choose from foam, gel or air, based on the user’s requirements. This model is available in the Comfort or Power option. Both the Jupiter 3 Comfort and Power have electric motors for Tilt-in-Space and leg rest elevation, with the Power option also featuring electric motors for back angle recline.

Tilt In Space & Back Recline

Tilt In Space & Back Recline

Easily controlled via levers on the handle, Tilt-in-Space and Back Recline combined provide maximum comfort in numerous ways. They reduce the risk of pressure sores, maintain posture, increase circulation to the limbs and ease transfer. These features are available with electric motors for Size 3.

Combined height and angle adjustment armrests help to prevent shoulder strain and increase upper body stability. Optional split seats on the Jupiter 1 & 2 allow for independent leg support and adjustments. The result is a clinically proven postural management system.

Seat Width:Size 1: 260 - 360mm, Size 2: 195 - 380mm (between Hip Pads for Sizes 1 & 2), Size 3: 450mm
Seat Depth:Size 1: 240 - 340 mm, Size 2: 360 - 530mm, Size 3: 380 - 520mm (Single Seat)
Seat Height:Size 1: 395 - 470 mm, Size 2: 425 - 500mm, Size 3: 520 - 595mm (std 100mm castor)
Seat Tilt:35 degrees
Tilt Range:35 degrees
Footrest Angle:Size 1: -10 to 15 degrees, Size 2: 0 - 60 degrees, Size 3: 0 - 35 degrees
Back Recline:35 degrees
Push Handle Height:Size 1: 850 - 1050 mm, Size 2: 550 - 1050mm, Size 3: 1040 - 1115mm (Single Seat)
Maximum User Weight:Size 1: 60kg, Size 2: 80kg, Size 3: 100kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.