Accommodate a full range of postural positions with the 3 in 1 standing frame.

The Aurora is a 3 in 1 standing frame, which accommodates a full range of positions from supine, through to upright and prone. Available in 4 sizes, the Aurora can be used for young children to support early intervention, right through to adulthood, accommodating a user weight of up to 80kg. The Aurora offers a full selection of options and accessories to support functionality and contemporary therapy, plus individual standing needs. All of this can be achieved with only one tool for adjustment, supporting a user friendly approach to postural management.

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JCM Aurora Standing Frame
Any position can be achieved

Any position can be achieved

The Aurora can adopt any postural position, allowing it to be tailored exactly to the child’s needs and changed when needed. This flexibility results in many clinical benefits. Research has shown that adopting an upright neutral position, or moderately prone, can maximise the benefits to spinal extension, create benefits for increasing bone density and growth, as well as providing an optimal position to allow a stretch of the muscle mass, and play a part in preventing contractures.

Proven Health Benefits

Proven Health Benefits

The Aurora provides many benefits for the child’s health, development and well-being. Any position can be achieved with the Aurora, easily allowing the parent or carer to change positioning between supine, standing and prone. This improves circulation, respiratory and digestive functioning, as well as encouraging bone and muscle development. In addition to the proven physical benefits, using a standing frame such as the Aurora helps encourage social interaction, communication and interaction in everyday life, with the child standing at eye level with their peers.

Wide range of options & accessories

Wide range of options & accessories

The Aurora comes with plenty of choice to suit each child’s individual needs. As standard, the Aurora has a multi-adjustable headrest, backrest, knee cups, lateral trunk supports, de-rotational pelvic support, adjustable foot and ankle supports and a height/depth adjustable tray. Many other optional accessories can be added as required.

The Aurora comes with a choice of manual or power base, depending on which size Aurora the child requires. Size 1 comes with the manual base, whilst size 4 comes with the power base. Sizes 2 and 3 can be ordered with either the manual or power base, depending on personal preference.

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Footplate to Floor (Min):Size 1: 250mm Size 2: 135mm Size 3: 150mm Size 4: 150mm
Footplate to Top of Headrest:Size 1: 600-850mm Size 2: 740-1300mm Size 3: 1040-1600mm Size 4: 1075-1800mm
Age Range:Size 1: 1-4 yrs Size 2: 3-7 yrs Size 3: 6-12 yrs Size 4: 11-18 yrs
User Height:Size 1: 600-950mm Size 2: 900-1350mm Size 3: 1200-1550mm Size 4: 1300-1800mm
Chassis Footprint Width:Size 1: 580mm Size 2: 580mm Size 3: 702mm Size 4: 752mm
Chassis Footprint Width:Size 1: 750mm Size 2: 750mm Size 3: 1000mm Size 4: 1100mm
Trunk Support Pad (Top) to Footplate Height:Size 1: 430-680mm Size 2: 570-975mm Size 3: 800-1280mm Size 4: 900-1500mm
Pelvic Support Pad (Top) to Footplate Height:Size 1: 300-540mm Size 2: 475-785mm Size 3: 500-1040mm Size 4: 625-1225mm
Knee Cup (Top) to Footplate Height:Size 1: 140-450mm Size 2: 180-550mm Size 3: 200-650mm Size 4: 250-850mm
Maximum User Weight:Size 1: 30kg Size 2: 40kg Size 3: 55kg Size 4: 80kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.