Carrot 3

Highly flexible and adaptable car seat, perfect for extensive postural needs

The Carrot 3 is a stylish car seat, perfect to meet the transportation needs of children with additional postural requirements. A five point belt, trunk support, supporting table, pommel, footplate, seat angle adjuster pads and seat extension pads all ensure the child receives the full positioning support they need whilst travelling. The Carrot 3 caters for children aged from 2 – 15 years* thanks to its vast range of seat depth and backrest adjustment.  Approved to both UK and European Safety Standards, you can rest assured the Carrot 3 meets the very highest safety testing.

*approximation based on the child's height and weight
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JCM Carrot 3 Postural Needs Car Seat
Packed with clinical benefits

Packed with clinical benefits

The Carrot 3 is full of clinical benefits to ensure your child receives all the postural support they need whilst travelling. The seat angle adjustable mat reduces hip flexion, whilst body balance pads stabilise against sideways sway – ideal for children who have difficulty maintaining balance. The height adjustable footplate both aids stability and supports the feet, and the pommel slots easily into the seat to abduct the legs. Trunk supports enhance lateral stability, seat extension pads provide correct seat extension and the supporting table helps the arms stabilise the upper body. All of these clever support features are packed neatly into the Carrot 3’s minimalistic design.

Adaptable to the child’s needs

Adaptable to the child’s needs

The Carrot 3 is vastly adjustable to fit the child’s precise requirements. With an adjustable seat depth and a back rest height which can be increased all the way up to an impressive 160cm - ideal for taller children. An optional turntable allows the Carrot 3 to swivel to face you, ideal for easy transfers in and out of the vehicle. An extensive range of additional accessories can also be added as required, ensuring the Carrot 3 is highly adaptable to the child’s needs.

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Seat Width:260mm
Seat Depth:Std: 250 or 285mm
Backrest Height:520 - 620mm
Maximum User Weight:36kg (15kg minimum)
Total Weight:10kg (25kg with turntable)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.