JAY IonWheelchair Cushion

Stable, pressure relieving and exceptionally comfortable

The JAY ION is a medium risk skin protection cushion offering enhanced stability and comfort based on fundamental seating principles and advanced design technology from high end cushions such as the JAY Balance.  

Features include:

  • JAY optimum seat well technology
  • Supersoft memory foam top layer
  • Multi-layered contoured foam base
  • Innovative dual cover technology
  • High maximum user weight
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From £165 

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JAY Ion Wheelchair Cushion
JAY Optimum Seat Well Technology

JAY Optimum Seat Well Technology

The 1" deep anatomically shaped seat well increases pelvic and thigh stability and re-distributes pressure. This key feature is unique to JAY and separates it from other conventional medium risk skin protection cushions.

For optimised immersion for each individual, the JAY Seat Well size and firmness of the foam are automatically determined by cushion width and correspond directly with user weight. The result is a simple to order cushion that effectively meets the needs of smaller, lighter users through to larger, heavier users.

Super Soft Memory Foam Topper & Multi-layered Contoured Foam Base

Super Soft Memory Foam Topper & Multi-layered Contoured Foam Base

The super soft Memory Foam Topper promotes deeper immersion and increased ventilation for greater skin protection and comfort. This ensures significantly less heat build up when compared to solid visco cushions.

Unlike traditional solid visco cushions, the integral structural foam inserts increase pelvic stability for enhanced user comfort and function.

Innovative Dual Cover Technology

Innovative Dual Cover Technology

The water-resistant dartex inner cover with aqua guard zipper and anti-wicking thread protects the base foam from water ingress. It is easy to clean, enhances durability and meets infection control requirements.

The microclimatic outer cover features 3DX and spacer fabrics to improve breathability and reduce moisture build up and skin breakdown. Conventional mid range visco cushions struggle to effectively reduce heat build up when clients are sat for longer periods.

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Width:340 - 600mm
Height:At tallest part (lateral edge) is 100mm
Depth:380 - 600mm
Maximum User Weight:136kg (21 stone) up to SW 500mm, 227kg (35 stone) up to SW 520 - 600 mm
Product Options
Cover Type:Inner: Dartex® coated Lycra® / Outer: Microclimatic with 3DX spacer fabric

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.