Course Details

A course designed to outline the equipment available in today’s marketplace, informing the applicant of what information to gather prior to advising a client on a wheelchair choice from a manual wheelchair perspective.

Intended for:

  • Sunrise Medical dealers who hold a Quickie prescriptive manual wheelchair account and who are actively involved in manual wheelchair prescription
  • Occupational therapists, rehab engineers and physiotherapists
  • It is required that the one day clinical programme CMAN 'Manual Mobility Selection: Linking Assessment to Appropriate Prescription' is attended prior to attending this course


Course contents:

Appropriate manual wheelchair prescription i.e. matching equipment to the needs and desires of the client has a great impact on performance, safety and efficiency. The instruction utilises a practical, hands-on approach to the assessment process i.e. measurement of the client and how this is translated into actual manual wheelchair prescription.

The course includes a review of order forms, highlighting which features are essential, which are primary options and how the options chosen impact the overall package.

With the assessment complete and the equipment ordered the next critical step is configuration and set-up for hand-over to the client. Optimal configuration for different client presentations is addressed through discussion and hands-on, problem solving exercises.

Available Dates:

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