Switch-It offers other proportional controls for those clients unable to successfully drive with any type of joystick control

If you need special controls that provide a high-level of specialisation, as well as the joystick and head array style input devices, there are technologies which utilise sensors which may better suit your needs.

The TouchDrive offers a unique driving interface for those with specific diagnoses who require another way to be independent.


Proportional controls allow you to move in any direction, as the movement of the chair is literally proportional to the movement of the input device. Both the TouchDrive2 and DriveStation are proportional controls.

Non-proportional controls require less coordination and motor control, as each direction and speed is pre-programmed.  The combination of Sunrise Medical's patented Assignable Button technology with the Link-It switch positioning brings control to any point on a chair. Switched inputs can be individual functions according to user needs - please consult our Built-4-Me team.

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