Puma 40 S-lineFront-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

Outstanding power wheelchair performance, indoors and out!

Looking for a powered wheelchair that stands out, indoors and out? The Puma 40 S-line balances excellent indoor manoeuvrability with outdoor high performance geared for speed - in a stylish red design. It comes in a unique 12.5 km/h front wheel drive configuration with Gyro tracking control. Slow speed turning on carpet or driving on uneven surfaces at full speed? Staying on track was never easier and more safe!

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Crash Tested QUICKIE Puma 40 S-line Power Wheelchair
Excellent indoor manoeuvrability

Excellent indoor manoeuvrability

Puma 40 S-line’s powerful 4-pole high torque motors coupled with a small turning radius and low seat-height ensure great manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Challenging soft surfaces? Due to the Gyro tracking control you will enjoy enhanced slow speed turning even on thick carpets. For maximum independence indoors.

High outdoor speed

High outdoor speed

Going out? Our Puma 40 S-line electric wheelchair offers outdoor high performance geared for speed. This is fully reflected in its sporty red design. With 12.5 km/h top speed and up to 40 km range this high-spec power chair takes you anywhere you want to go in total comfort and safety. More speed, more joy.

Easy control on any terrain

Easy control on any terrain

Gyro tracking control – together with the Full Track Suspension System (FTSS) – allows you to drive with confidence and less effort. Your high-performance power wheelchair accurately follows your commands at all speeds and automatically compensates for uneven tyre pressure, terrain or surface grip. This gives you more energy and time in your day, as there’s much less need for corrective actions while driving and point-to-point driving time is reduced. Staying on track was never easier and more safe!

Ergonomic Sedeo Pro seating system

Ergonomic Sedeo Pro seating system

Enjoy a new level of seating comfort with our award-winning Sedeo Pro seating system, combining a highly functional and adjustable seat frame with a wide choice of support and positioning options. Allowing for limitless adaptations to suit your personal requirements today and tomorrow. Add the advanced electrical options you need for even more comfort and independence.

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Frame Type:-
Width:655 mm
Length:1160 - 1190 mm
Seat Width:400 - 540 mm
Seat Height:415 - 515 mm (excl. cushion)
Seat Depth:440 - 600 mm
Seat Tilt:0 - 45°
Backrest Height:500 - 640 mm
Back Recline:89 - 128°
Armrest Height:170 - 290 mm
Turning Radius:60 mm
Max. Range:39.9 km (74 Ah)
Speed:12.5 km/h
Batteries:60, 74 Ah
Maximum Safe Slope:10°
Max Kerb Climb:600 mm
Electronics:DX, R-net
Min. Weight:97.6 (excl. batteries), 132.2 kg (incl. batteries)
Maximum User Weight:136 kg
Crash Tested?This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.