QUICKIE Jive F XLPowered Wheelchair

The heavy duty version of the QUICKIE JIVE-F powerchair.

The JIVE family has now been expanded with the front wheel drive XL version. A heavy duty powered wheelchair with a maximum user weight of 240 kg, the JIVE-F XL also has a minimum seat to floor height of 43cm, making access into vehicles and under tables easy. The Jive F XL can easily be transferred into vehicles via regular ramps.

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QUICKIE JIVE-F XL Powered Wheelchair
JAY Comfort seat and back

JAY Comfort seat and back

The JIVE F XL heavy duty powered wheelchair comes with a JAY Comfort seat and back as standard (and available in three widths: 56, 60 and 64cm). A headrest can also be added at no additional cost.

4-pole motors

4-pole motors

The JIVE-F XL powered wheelchair comes with heavy duty 4-pole motors for an improved maximum range. 14" Solid drive wheels and 9" castor wheels allow for easy manoeuvring and great outdoor performance.

120 A R-net controller

120 A R-net controller

The 120 A R-net controller comes as standard for increased functionality.

Frame Type:-
Width:max with 640mm seat : 880mm / (max with 64cm seat : 88cm)
Length:min. 1160mm (min. 116cm)
Seat Width:560mm - 600mm - 640mm (56cm-60cm-64cm)
Seat Height:Lowest 430mm (Lowest 43cm)
Seat Depth:-
Seat Tilt:0º / 3º / 6º
Backrest Height:-
Back Recline:-5º -+12º
Armrest Height:-
Turning Radius:min 700mm - (min. 70cm)
Max. Range:Aprox 30 km
Speed:6 kph
Batteries:60 Ah / 70Ah
Maximum Safe Slope:6º / 11%
Max Kerb Climb:50mm (5cm)
Min. Weight:165 kg
Maximum User Weight:240 kg (37.8 stone)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.