Colour Edition - Ice White

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The Helium Ice White is built for those who don‘t want to compromise style for performance.

The same über cool styling of the Black Edition - now available with an ice white frame and cool blue detailing. Don‘t compromise your style - choose the refreshing alternative.

Each super stylish Quickie Helium Ice White is perfectly set off with a full set of blue anodised parts, contrasting against the sleek white frame and providing a pop of head-turning colour. Offered in a limited specification including:

- All-black 12 spoke spinergy wheels - one spoke in blue
- Alcantara seat upholstery with blue centre piece
- Stylish blue anodised parts (backrest brackets, axle stem clamp, one-arm castor forks and rims)
- Custom blue decals

With over 30 frame colours to choose from, your customers will be able to mix and match to make their Quickie Helium wheelchair perfect for their individual style!

FMG-MG02-3184-03 - 24" Spinergy wheel
FMG-MG02-3184-04 - 25" Spinergy wheel
Colour Edition - Ice White

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