TBUK116 QUICKIE YOU-Q Powerchairs Discontinued


As customers may be aware, we have launched a new family of powerchairs called the Q-Series, due to this we have seen a significant reduction in demand for some of our legacy products.  Therefore, we will be discontinuing a number of QUICKIE & YOU-Q products.

Any orders received after the discontinuation dates listed below will be held at the point of order and our order Administration Team will contact you, along with your local Area Sales Manager, to discuss an alternative product and arrange a date for an assessment for the agreed product. Alternatively, if you are already familiar with our Q-Series products the order can be converted to the direct Q-Series replacement.

In regards to products listed on the Motability Scheme

The products below are no longer available to order from Sunrise Medical after the discontinuation date listed. However, these products are still listed on the Motability Scheme for Q2 (1st April – 31st June) as some of our dealers have a stock holding of Motability specification chairs which can still be sold on the Motability Scheme up until 31st June 2019. The products below will not be listed on the Q3 Motability Update commencing 1st July 2019.

Products Listed below with the discontinued date and equivalent Q-Series product.

Discontinued Date

Current Sunrise Product

Q-Series Equivalent

31st January 2019

Quickie Jive Up

Quickie Q700-UP M

Quickie Jive M Sedeo Ergo

Quickie Q700-M Sedeo Ergo

Quickie Puma 40 Sedeo Ergo

Quickie Q700-F Sedeo Ergo

Quickie Jive F

Quickie Q700-F Pro or Quickie Q500-F Pro

Quickie Jive R2

Quickie Q700-R Pro or Quickie Q500-R Pro

13th January 2019

Quickie Jive M

Quickie Q700-M Pro

Quickie Jive M – Hybrid

Quickie Q700-M Pro

1st July 2019

You-Q Samm

Quickie Q700-F Pro or Quickie Q500-F Pro

You-Q Alex

Quickie Q700-R Pro or Quickie Q500-R Pro

1st December 2019

You-Q Luca MWD

Quickie Q500-M Pro

You-Q Luca RWD or FWD

Quickie Q500-R Pro or Quickie Q500-F Pro


For the full Technical Bulletin, please visit: http://www.sunrisedice.com/asset-bank/assetfile/52146.pdf

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