TB UK101 Reintroduction of Standard LCD Joystick


This follows on from technical bulletin 0503 – R-Net CJSM joystick, which introduced a temporary change on all QUICKIE & YOU-Q powerchair controls. This change was introduced due to market feedback to have the advanced LCD joystick as the option for LCD controls instead of the standard LCD.

Since this change we have seen customer benefits of using the advanced LCD joystick, however there have also been challenges for customers. For these reasons we are re-introducing the standard LCD joystick onto all QUICKIE & YOU-Q chairs. Therefore, all chair orders received from Friday 7th September 2018 onwards will be processed with the standard LCD joystick (if selected) rather than the advanced LCD joystick.

The reasons we are re-offering the standard LCD joystick instead of the LCD Advanced joystick are:

  • A number of clients found that while driving they would engage the paddle switches and turn off the chair or change to mode without intention, as for clients with poor hand control they are in susceptible position
  • For clients who required the LCD joystick for the switch function, some found that the joystick, while offering great functionality, also may be too confusing for users with reduced cognitive awareness
  • Whilst the advanced LCD joystick offers a very clear and large display, we received feedback from a number of users that from a personal preference they found the joystick too large and imposing
  • For clients with limited movement they found that the buttons around the screen were both too difficult to engage and too far away

Therefore from Friday 7th September 2018 onwards, all orders received will be processed with the standard LCD joystick (if selected) rather than the LCD Advanced joystick.

If you require the advanced LCD joystick, this is now available as a cost option on our new Q-Series powerchair range. To find out more about the Q-Series range, please contact either your local Area Sales Manager or our Customer Services Department.

For the full technical bulletin please visit www.sunrisedice.com/asset-bank/assetfile/47774.pdf

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